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You will fly into Keflavik airport and then transfer by bus or cab to the airport in Reykjavik for the short flight to Isafjorður. Some residents opt to spend a night in Reykjavik before flying to Isafjorður. This may be necessary as we request that you arrive in Isafjordur on the morning flight so that all residents can be picked up and driven to the residency at the same time.

If you have the time and the inclination, we highly recommend a night or two in Reykjavik and then a drive to the residency The drive through the Westfjords is by far one of the most enthralling in Iceland and is not to be missed. Along the way you will see glorious waterfalls without the rush of tourists that normally clamor for the more crowded waterfalls along the Ring Road. Stunning mountains and rare geologic features are in abundance (again without the tourists) and you may want to dip into one of the geothermal pools along the way.

The Hellulaug hot spring, hidden from the road and on the seafront is less than an hour from Laugaból Farm, and worth the stop.

We can help you arrange a ride with a seasoned guide. Let us know.

After your airport pickup, we will stop at the grocery store in Isafjordur so you may pick up a few items to get you through the first day or two. Town trips will be scheduled frequently for groceries and other necessities.

Please remember you do not need to plan dinner for the first night of your arrival as we will provide.

what to bring

Even in the summer months Iceland can be chilly. March and April as well as November may bring snow.

The summer months are also the months of the midnight sun. Near the summer solstice (21 June) you will experience the longest days of the year.

The warmest months are August and September.

In Iceland, however, the best policy is to be prepared for anything.

Good waterproof hiking/outdoor shoes
Warm socks
Indoor shoes/slippers. (There are no outside shoes allowed inside)
Warm pants
Warm (long sleeve) shirts
Warm coat/jacket
Rain gear
Layers for colder weather
Extra eyeglasses or contact lenses
Eye covers for sleeping in the midnight sun
Many OTC medications are not easily obtained in Iceland. Please bring your needed pain relief (Ibuprofin/Tylenol), Antacids, etc.
Water bottle
Bathing Suit
Lotions and lip protection (It can be very dry)

Convertors/Adaptors for electronic equipment. Please read this:

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